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Korean food ingredients cover a wide spectrum of grains, legumes, vegetables, meats, fish and seafood, fruits and nuts, herbs, lichens, mushrooms, and more.

Koreans make use of almost every part of every plant, sea fare, or animal used for food.

Rice is the prominent grain, and is served with almost every Korean meal. Rice is used in cookies, porridges, noodles, and rice cake (Tteok/Ddeok). Barley, buckwheat, wheat, and millet are used in noodles, cookies, cakes, dumplings, and can be added to cooked rice to change the flavor and appearance of plain rice.

Soy beans and Mung Beans are the most widely used legumes in Korea. Both are use to grow sprouts which are used in a variety of dishes. Soy beans are used to make soy sauce, tofu, and Doenjang (fermented bean paste), three items that are mainstay ingredients in Korean cuisine.

In this section you will find a list of Korean food ingredients with their nutritional values where available.

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Ingredients: A listing of some ingredients useful in Korean Cooking - Many ingredients used in Korean cooking, with nutrition facts where available.
Ingredients: Acorn Flour - Acorn flour with nutrition facts
Ingredients: Acorn Noodles - Acorn Noodles
Ingredients: Acorns, Raw - Raw acorn with Nutrition Facts
Ingredients: Adzuki Beans, Raw - Red Beans, Adzuki Beans
Ingredients: Adzuki Flour - Red Bean Flour
Ingredients: Agwi - Monkfish - Monkfish
Ingredients: Arrowroot Flour - Flour made from Arrowroot
Ingredients: Bae - Korean Pear - Korean Pear (Bae)
Ingredients: Baechu - Korean Cabbage - Baechu | Korean Cabbage | Napa Cabbage
Ingredients: Beef Brisket - Beef Brisket, Whole
Ingredients: Beef Rib Fingers - Galbi Songalag - Beef Rib Finger Meat
Ingredients: Beef Short Rib - L.A. Cut - Flanken Cut (L.A. Style) Beef Short Rib 엘에이 갈비
Ingredients: Beef Short Rib - King Cut - Modified English (Wang | King) Cut Beef Short Rib 왕갈비
Ingredients: Beef, Sliced, Chuck Roll - Sliced beef chuck for Korean Grill or stir fry
Ingredients: Buchu - Korean Chives - Buchu | Korean Chives, garlic chives
Ingredients: Burdock Root - Burdock Root | Greater Burdock
Ingredients: Byeong-eo - Byeongeo - Pomfret
Ingredients: Chonggakmu - Pony Tail Radish - Chonggakmu or Korean Ponytail Radish/Bachelor Radish/총각무
Ingredients: Cucumber - Cucumber | Oi
Ingredients: Dandelion - Dandelion - Minduelle
Ingredients: Dangmyeon - Dangmyeon - Sweet Potato Noodle
Ingredients: Doenjang - Soybean paste | Doenjang
Ingredients: Doraji - Doragi - Chinese Bellflower root
Ingredients: Fish Sauce, Three Crabs - Nutrition information for Three Crabs brand Fish Sauce.
Ingredients: Gajami - Flat Fish
Ingredients: Galchi - Galchi - Belt Fish
Ingredients: Garlic - Garlic with Nutrition Information
Ingredients: Gochu - Gochu - Korean Chili Peppers
Ingredients: Gochugaru - Essential Ingredient: Ground sun dried red chili peppers
Ingredients: Gochujang - Essential Ingredient: Fermented red chili paste
Ingredients: Gochu-nip - Chili pepper plant leaves
Ingredients: Godeung-eo - Mackerel - Godeung-eo
Ingredients: Goguma-sun - Dried Sweet Potato Stems
Ingredients: Gosari - Bracken - Fern Sprouts
Ingredients: Gulbi - Gulbi - Yellow Croaker
Ingredients: Home Grown - Some things we grow ourselves,
Ingredients: King Oyster Mushroom - Saesong-ibeoseos - King Oyster Mushroom
Ingredients: Kkongchi - Ingredient: Kkongchi - Mackerel Pike - Pacific Saury
Ingredients: Leaf Lettuce, Red - Red Leaf Lettuce, Bulg-eun ip Sangchu
Ingredients: Lotus Root - Lotus Root | Yeongeun
Ingredients: Mackerel, Semi Dried - Half dried salted mackerel - 반건조자반고등어
Ingredients: Maesil Extract - Maesil - Korean Plum Extract
Ingredients: Mu - Korean Radish - Nutrition information for Three Crabs brand Fish Sauce.
Ingredients: Mushroom, Shiitake - Pyogo Beoseot
Ingredients: Noodles, Fresh - Fresh Jajangmyeon noodles
Ingredients: Octopus Slices - Octopus Slices - Sseol eun mun-eo
Ingredients: Paengi Beoseot - Enoki Mushrooms
Ingredients: Perilla Leaves, Raw - Ingredient Description with nutrition facts where available.
Ingredients: Pork Neckbones - Ingredients: Pork Neckbones (dwaeji mogppyeo/돼지 목뼈) with nutrition information.
Ingredients: Shrimp, Pink, Dried - Korean Dried Pink Shrimp 건분홍새우 geonbun hong saeu
Ingredients: Sokkoli - Beef Oxtail - Beef Oxtail | Sokkoli
Ingredients: Squid - Ojingeo | Squid
Ingredients: Ssuk (Mugwort) - Korean Mugwort - Ssuk
Ingredients: Ssukgat - Crown Daisy | SSukgat
Ingredients: Tofu, Soon dubu, Pulmuone Brand - Dubu, Soon dubu, extra soft silken tofu
Ingredients: Tteok - Rice Cake - Korean Rice Cake | Tteok
Ingredients: Ueong - Burdock Root - Burdock Root, Gobo (Japanese), Ueong

Nutrition information is sourced from USDA food database, Korean Standard Food Composition Tables, and Product Labeling. The information is provided as general information that is not warranted to be accurate for any specific purpose. Information should be verified through any current on product labeling that complies with local legal/government requirements.

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