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Korean food & drink names and terms can be confusing to those outside of Korea. Here you can find a partial listing that may help by providing descriptions to go with the names.



Glossary: Acorn Cake | Dotoritteok - Glossary Item: Dotoritteok - Acorn Cake
Glossary: Acorn Jelly | Dotorimuk - Glossary Item: Dotorimuk - Acorn Jelly
Glossary: Adzuki Bean | Pat - Glossary Item: Pat - Red (Adzuki) Bean
Glossary: Aek Jeot - Glossary Item: Aek Jeot - Anchovy Sauce
Glossary: Agwi-jjim - Glossary Item: Agwi-jjim - Braised Monkfish
Glossary: Agwi/Monkfish - Glossary Item: Fish | Monkfish | Angler Fish | Agwi
Glossary: Altang - Glossary Item: Altang- Spicy Fish Roe Stew
Glossary: Anju - Glossary Item: Anju
Korean Food and Drink Glossary - A listing of Korean food and drink names and terms.
Glossary: Asian Pear - Glossary Item: Asian Pear/Korean Pear
Glossary: Assorted Pan Fried Delicacies - Glossary Item: Modeumjeon
Glossary: Assorted Side Dishes - Glossary Item: Mitbanchan
Glossary: Baechu - Glossary Item: Korean Cabbage
Glossary: Baechu Geotjeori - Glossary Item: Spicy Korean Cabbage Salad
Glossary: Baechu Kimchi - Glossary Item: Korean Cabbage Kimchi
Glossary: Baechukkoritguk - Glossary Item: Korean Cabbage Root Soup
Glossary: Baek Kimchi - Glossary Item: Korean White Kimchi
Glossary: Baekseolgi - Glossary Item: Baekseolgi | Steamed White Rice Cake
Glossary: Baesook - Glossary Item: Korean Pear in Syrup
Glossary: Bam (Chestnut) - Glossary Item: Bam | Korean Chestnut
Glossary: Bam-cho - Glossary Item: Bam-cho | Candied Chestnuts
Glossary: Bam-danja - Glossary Item: Bam-danja | Sweet Rice Balls
Glossary: Banchan - Glossary Item: Banchan | Side Dishes
Glossary: Bokbunja-ju - Glossary Item: Bokbunja-ju - Black Raspberry Wine
Glossary: Dubu Buchim - Glossary Item: Dubu Buchim | Pan Fried Tofu
Glossary: Buchu-Jeon - Glossary Item: Buchu Jeon | Korean Chive Pancake
Glossary: Doraji Namul - Glossary Item: Doraji Namul | Chinese Bellflower Root
Glossary: Acorn | Dotori - Glossary Item - Dotori
Glossary: Dwaeji Galbi Ganjeong - Glossary Item: Dwaeji Galbi Ganjeong | Glazed Pork Ribs
Glossary: Gaktugi - Glossary Item: Gaktugi | Radish Kimchi
Glossary: Gamja Jorim - Glossary Item: Gamja Jorim - Braised Potato
Glossary: Gamjatang - Glossary Item: Gamjatang - Pork Neckbone Soup
Glossary: Haemul Pajeon - Glossary Item: Haemul Pajeon | Korean Seafood Pancake
Glossary: Hobakjeon - Glossary Item: Hobakjeon | Pan Fried Squash
Glossary: Japchae - Glossary Item: Japchae | Stir Fried Clear Noodles
Glossary: Jeok - Korean Brochette - Glossary Item: Jeok - Skewered food
Glossary: Kimchi Jjigae - Glossary Item: Kimchi Jjigae - Kimchi Stew
Glossary: Makgeolli - Glossary Item: Makgeolli - Raw Rice wine
Glossary: Maneuljjong - Glossary Item: Maneul jjong - Garlic Stems
Glossary: Matchsoon - Glossary Item: Matchsoon - Plum Wine
Glossary: Mekju - Korean Beer - Glossary Item: Mekju
Glossary: Ojingeo Bokkeum Ojingeo bokkeum, Stir Fried Squid
Glossary: Ojingeochae Bokkeum Ojingeochae-bokkeum, Spicy stir fried squid strips
Glossary: Omija Omija, Chinese Magnolia Berry
Glossary: Pajeon - Glossary Item: Pajeon - Korean Green Onion Pancake
Glossary: Ssukgaetteok - Glossary Item: Ssukgaetteok - Mugwort Rice Cake
Glossary: Ssuk Injeolmi - Glossary Item: Ssuk Injeolmi - A variation of Korean Rice cake featuring
Glossary: Ttukbaegi - Earthen Cookware 

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